Minjoo Choi

"In my graduation project, I try to create a space where I am still in the process of executing my human conditions. Using clay and constructive objects, I play with the aspects of clarity and ambiguity of the constructive and destructive condition, art and unart, and in-process and completion. I try to immerse myself in the scene as an in-process object through performance. Finally, my challenge is to play with viewers' assumptions about (un)art and awareness of their body's relationship to space. 

*(Un)art: The relationship between (in)action and (un)engaging."




This video portrait is part of a series of eight video portraits of selected 2022 graduation projects as part of Rietveld Review(ed). With these portraits, the art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie highlights and celebrates remarkable art projects by the next generation of artists. Each video portrait was made in close collaboration with the artists to give insight into their way of thinking and working.