Fruit (With Dani & Jill)

Text by Josefin Arnell

It's like one of these frequently used dream houses floating in a bright perfectly clouded sky. A crystal clear pool, shiny stainless untouched kitchen. But behind a door it unfolds and becomes more homey, like the breath of love: creamy carpets, soft mahogany shelves, dark framed mirrors and atmospheric Buddha statues. A perfect setting for a 360-degree porn show. It's the first time Vita slips into a pair of VR goggles. She is glued onto a bed, can't move, only look around. She can see fragments of her stiff white muscular body and on top of her new embodiment: Naked Dani Daniels jumps up and down. Dani is fucking, Dani is fucking a faceless, blind spot and she is fucking you. Vita decides to buy her own girl: Jill. Jill comes as one entity but in multiplied appearances: skinny Jill, overweight nude Jill, ginger Jill or as rigged seriously sexy with body stockings. Together Jill and Dani fumble fingers through their hair, falling over you, knowing exactly what to do to seduce you in a stereoscopic pornography tailored for straight men.