Rietveld Sandberg Research is offering a small stipend to support alumni as well as tutors and researchers affiliated with the Sandberg Instituut and Rietveld Academie in the preparation of a research proposal for a practice-oriented PhD or other type of doctoral degree at another university or academy. As in previous years, the stipends is meant to facilitate the preparation of research proposals concerned with ecological crisis, environmental justice and planetary futures.

This year, we are especially interested in receiving proposals concerned with the idea of “animal politics” – a term that is meant to encompass the history and politics of figuring the animal, the political claim of non-human life forms as well as critical investigations of the concept of the domination of nature. We are also interested in receiving proposals committed to rethinking and reimagining the relationship between human and non-human nature.

The stipend consists of €2000 and is meant to support the research and time required for drafting a PhD proposal that provides the basis for a future application to doctoral programmes at other academic institutions. The recipient of the stipend will be asked to share the provisional outcomes of their research with the wider Sandberg Institute community in the form of a workshop or seminar in the spring of 2024.

To apply for this stipend, please submit a brief, one-paragraph description of your research idea (max 300w) as well as a short biography (max 200w) to the email address included below.

The application deadline is Wednesday, November 8, 17.00.

For questions regarding the application process or eligibility, please email Tom Vandeputte (tom.vandeputte@sandberg.nl).