The new Rietveld & Sandberg Database is a place students can consult when developing new work.  

For example, do you want to know what the TXT department did during the 2009 Open Day? Want to know what the poster for the 2010 graduation show looked like? Would you like to see photos of the Rietveld Building when it was completed in 1967?  

You can in the Rietveld & Sandberg Database! 

What's in it? 

The Rietveld & Sandberg Database will contain all the images from the Rietveld Archive. We are in the process of uploading photographic material, video material and pdf's.  You can filter by theme, techniques used, materials, department, year of graduation, location, etc.  

Who was access to the database? 

The content can be consulted online by anyone with a Rietvel-ID

Where is the database?

Go to: 

Enter your login details for your Rietveld account and click on the 'rietveld' button. You are now in the database