As part of our different research initiatives, at Rietveld Sandberg Research we offer short term research fellowships for artists, designers, theorists and makers who work with the main departments of Rietveld and Sandberg sharing their research process with students and the Rietveld and Sandberg community at large. The goal of the fellowships is to make research real and visible in the school, through relatively short trajectories with people who have relevant practices for a topic. Heads of departments are presented with a yearly opportunity to assign a fellow researcher that enables the departments to go deeper into topics, enrich their curricula with new insights and methods, connect with new networks of researchers that are not necessarily part of the community, or re-connect with alumni or teachers.

In the last few years we had research fellows working on topics such as game design, coloniality, the commons, licenses and copyright, archival practices, biographical storytelling, solar energy, black cultural aesthetics, and the archaeology of dreams. This wide range of topics and research practices are then shared during the “Fellows in Process” event, a series of events where all research fellows share the development of their project with the students in forms of talks, workshops and lectures. At the end of the fellowship all fellows share their project to a wider public.

NB There will be no fellowship programs in the academic year of 2023/2024.