We'd like to introduce you to the new headteachers of VAV - moving image, Anja Masling and Simone Bennett.

Anja Masling and Simone Bennett will take over from Margriet Kruijver when she retires on 1 September 2023 after 28 years (!) at the Academy. 

[Photo: Anja Masling on the left and Simone Bennett on the right.]


Why did you apply for this position and why do you want to work at the academy?

"We share a common passion for art and education. VAV - moving image, from which we graduated in the past, is very close to our hearts. VAV - moving image is an exciting environment for students and emerging artists to experiment, grow and connect.

We find it very interesting to be part of the ever-changing developments in art education. We strive to ensure that students and teachers recognise themselves in the department and feel safe, seen, valued and respected. Opening up spaces for growth, experimentation/play and collaboration in the arts."

Were you already familiar with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie?

"We have both worked as teachers in the VAV team for a number of years and are already very involved in the department, both in supervising students and in developing educational programmes, film festivals, workshops and exhibitions."

What are you working on apart from being a teacher?

"As well as teaching, we have our own practices in the audiovisual arts. Simone works in multimedia, with film, photography and audio. She exhibits internationally in galleries, museums and film festivals. Anja works with video, film and audio, organising workshops, programmed screenings and exhibitions."

Why did you decide to take on this role together?

"We feel that collectivity is essential in society and therefore in art. The days of hyper-individualism and hierarchical structures are being challenged. This component is crucial within our vision of presenting ourselves as a duo.

Our different working experiences in education and art complement each other. Now we can combine our own networks in film, art and curating. With a great team of teachers and Mariken Overdijk as coordinator by our side, we are very excited about this new venture and very much looking forward to being part of the development of VAV's future."