Want to experience what studying art and design is really like? Or know someone who should really do so? Your sister, neighbour, classmate or colleague? Be fast, as the Orientation Course at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie still has some last spots left for the coming year!

The course is given on 25 Saturdays, and we touch on topics such as drawing and painting, sculpture, design, sound and moving image.

For more info and signing up, check out our website: https://rietveldacademie.nl/en/page/395/orientation-course

These photos show a final class when we made our own scarfs. These were made based on everyone's routes from home to the academy, and we mixed techniques such as stitching and transfer prints. The Textile Workshop provided us with special machines to stencil their leftover heat-transfer foils in any shape that we wanted. 

At the course, we often encourage using different media and techniques, and the materials that are at hand, so that you will never run our of ways, materials and ideas.