Prefab and Space 

The academy buildings by Gerrit Rietveld 

A film by Erik Slothouber 

Gerrit Rietveld Academie – RietveldTV 

Late in life, Gerrit Rietveld designed two academy buildings, one in Arnhem and one in Amsterdam. These buildings, considered a highlight in his career, include two themes that are common in Rietveld’s work. An architectural theme, space versus mass, and a theme related to the production of furniture and buildings, industrialisation versus craftsmanship. 

The buildings in Arnhem and Amsterdam are very significant for both academic institutions. As spaces for art education, they form the stage for the students’ creative development and a source of inspiration. This documentary shows the history and importance of both buildings through a combination of original and archived footage, including audio recordings of the speech Rietveld gave at the opening of the academy in Arnhem. 


Taal / Language Nederlands / Dutch 

Ondertiteling / Subtitles Engels / English 

Speelduur / Running time 24 min 


© 2019 Gerrit Rietveld Academie - RietveldTV, Erik Slothouber, Rietveld Foundation 


Initiatief / Initiative Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Public Rietveld, Marieke Coppens, Vere van Hal 

Script en regie / Direction Erik Slothouber 

Montage / Editing Studio Wind & Co, Wouter van Bemmel 

Camera / Camera Adri Schrover 

Finishing / Finishing Loods, Lux & Lumen 

Colorist / Coloring Xandra ter Horst 

Muziek en geluidontwerp / Music and sound design Studio Wind & Co Wouter van Bemmel 

Voice-over / Voice-over Gerrit Rietveld, Erik Slothouber, Freddy Vermeulen 

Grafisch ontwerp / Graphic design Koen Slothouber 

Vertaling en ondertiteling / Translation and subtitles Einion Ede 

DVD duplicatie / DVD duplication DVD Replicatie 


Foto’s / Photos Lood van Bennekom, Wim J.M. Bronkhorst, Ton Roelofsma, Ed Suister, Jan Versnel, Ad Windig, Pieter Wijtmans, Erik Slothouber (omslag / cover) 

Werkstudenten / Students’ work Raven Opal Amber Kiss, Alexander Köppel, Dóra Riederauer, Anne van de Ven 

Deze film kwam tot stand mede dankzij de financiële ondersteuning van de Rietveld Stichting 

This film was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Rietveld Foundation 

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