Welcome to the Organisations page. Here we collected information about the cultural organisations in the Netherlands that might come in handy when thinking about funding your artistic work. 


SALWA prides itself on being a welcoming community for emerging artists and cultural workers.

Our programs provide a site of knowledge exchange and support migrant artists in establishing their practice in the Netherlands. We offer a range of activities from community events, workshops and courses, to collaborations with external partners.

We are easily accessible to people of different language skill sets, abilities, and interests. Our workshops, programming, and mentorship programs are low threshold, taking the specific challenges for non-EU migrant artists into account. We offer an inspiring and dynamic environment in which artists can experiment and share their work, develop critical and creative practices, and exchange knowledge with other creatives.

We also provide artists with a platform to connect with our ever-expanding network of cultural institutions, partners, and fellow artists. The collaborations that we develop with these partners are always made in the interests of our community as we work on amplifying the many different voices of artists and diversifying the cultural landscape.

Fair Practice Code

The Fair Practice Code is a code of conduct for doing business and working in the arts, culture and creative industries based on five core values: solidarity, diversity, trust, sustainability and transparency. The code invites critical reflection and offers a guideline for how the sector together can achieve a future-proof labour market and professional practice.

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Platfrom BK

Platform BK researches the role of art in society and takes action for a better art policy. We represent artists, curators, designers, critics and other cultural producers.

Platform BK exists for everyone who is committed to the visual arts in the Netherlands. We represent artists, curators, designers, critics and others who work in the art sector or have a warm heart for it. Together with our members, we form an active think tank: we take action for a better art policy and conduct research into the role of art in society.

We do this by engaging in dialogue with interest groups and politicians, by conducting research into government and municipal policy, by committing ourselves to an honest fee for artists, by publishing critical essays on current affairs in art, or by organizing debates, workshops or film evenings, always free of charge for our members. We do this from the conviction that self-organization and solidarity are necessary for a better art climate and a stronger position for everyone working in the art sector.


Cultuur+Ondernemen is the knowledge platform for entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sector and financier for cultural entrepreneurs

We are there to strengthen cultural organisations and self-employed artists and creatives who want to do business, so that they can flourish and society can benefit optimally from what culture brings about. To this end, we work with governments and funds, among others, to increase the impact of their cultural policies and investments.

We develop and share knowledge. And we connect our target groups with our network of external experts, advisers and mentors. Or with other parties inside and outside the sector.

We focus on three areas: governance, business development and funding. Expertise in these is needed for successful entrepreneurship. We also provide funding in the form of Culture Loans.


DutchCulture is the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation. We support the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities, and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions.

If you have international cultural ambitions, DutchCulture can help you gain a footing on the international stage. We give information, advice, and training on international cultural cooperation. We connect cultural and creative professionals, organisations, public authorities, and networks with each other and international partners in international cultural cooperation. We identify developments and investigate themes and domains relevant to successful collaboration. We share knowledge and insights with the cultural and creative sectors.

On The Move

On the Move supports access to information and resources on cultural mobility

Kunsten Bond

We are a union for artists from all disciplines. We fight for the interests of artists and believe that joined forces can make real things happen for the future prospects of our occupation. Artists deserve good prospects and fair income. Professional work should be rewarded at professional rates. You and everyone you work for should recognize the value of creative work.

Lately, we have noticed a strong increase of English speaking people among our members. For this group we have created an English homepage on which we publish both information about de Kunstenbond, our membership and products, and important news items on the developments surrounding policy, the cultural sector and the Corona virus.

Kunstenaarshonorarium - Guideline for Artists Fees

The aim of the following guideline is to pay artists for the work they do for the purpose of exhibitions and other presentations, apart from their expense allowance. The guideline helps both artists and institutes and museums. Everyone who works within visual art, as an artist, institute, commissioner or as a representative of the sector, can make use of the calculation model and the checklist, which form part of the guideline. To this end, an online calculator has been developed. This calculator computes the minimum fee per artist per exhibition, depending on the duration of the exhibition, the number of participating artists, and the question whether it is a new or existing artwork that is presented. For any situation, the calculator computes the minimum amount from which negotiations can be reasonably conducted.

(From the perspective of an Artist/Researcher)

Be mindful when choosing a category Existing Work or Modification To Existing Work in group shows, as the first fee is barely acceptable. Consider that you always adjust your artwork to a new environment where you exhibit it.


Get access to the fundraising platform for the cultural sector. With an overview of 260+ cultural funds, free online fundraising workshops for members, handy roadmaps and 500+ updates with current opportunities every year.

The Cultural Adventurers Subscriptions are for everyone in the Dutch arts and culture sector. Whether you are an individual artist, cultural organisation, government agency or cultural professional. We offer knowledge, opportunities and expertise!