Welcome to the EU/World Funding. Here we have collected the most common resources on european and international funding. 

Dutch Culture

DutchCulture is the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation. We support the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities, and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions.

If you have international cultural ambitions, DutchCulture can help you gain a footing on the international stage. We give information, advice, and training on international cultural cooperation. We connect cultural and creative professionals, organisations, public authorities, and networks with each other and international partners in international cultural cooperation. We identify developments and investigate themes and domains relevant to successful collaboration. We share knowledge and insights with the cultural and creative sectors.

On The Move

On the Move supports access to information and resources on cultural mobility

European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation strengthens the European sentiment by developing and supporting cultural initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.

CulturEU Funding Guide

EU Funding Opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Sectors 2021-2027.

With this interactive guide, the European Commission wants to ease access to the funding opportunities available for the cultural and creative sectors across all the funding sources of the European Union available in 2021-2027.

The aim is to help players in these sectors identify the most suitable sources of EU support for their projects.

Transartists - Funding Creative Industries in the EU

The European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) has completed on behalf of the European Commission a [short analytical report] summarising and updating relevant information on existing financing schemes for the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) in the EU Member States.

Note: mostly for organisations, not individuals. The guide can nevertheless give you ideas on where funding is available.

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts - Fund-Finder (2019 edition)

Our Fund-Finder provides a detailed and easy-to-read overview of public and private funding opportunities for the arts and culture in Europe and beyond: at a national, regional and local level. It describes in a simple and clear language how artistic and cultural projects can fit with the objectives of several EU funding programmes other than Creative Europe.

Commissioned in partnership with On the Move, this guide was first published in 2015 and, due to its high success, we decided to update it every two years. You can download the previous and latest versions here: 2015, 2017 and 2019