Crip the Curriculum is an educational platform at Rietveld Academie & Sandberg Instituut dedicated to dismantling ableist structures:

For a common future that is just, accessible, and joyfully liveable, the deeply embedded ableism in society must be challenged. In approaching this shared future, artists and designers carry both responsibility and opportunity to re-think methods of creating, communicating, and caring.

Crip the Curriculum encourages locating, questioning, unlearning, and dismantling of ableist patterns and biases within ourselves, our school, and ultimately our society. It strives for collective learning and community-building.

Well you join us on this journey?
There will be a very exciting event coming up soon, so hopefully we'll meet you then!

Crip the Curriculum are @alcidebreaux @pennanilla & @harrietfoyster

Video portrait by Crip the Curriculum

Graphic design by Anna Bierler @annauuannauua

Animation by Akash Sheshadri

Music by Moa Holgersson @animalofcenter


This initiative is supported by the Editorial Board Intercurricular Programs of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, supporting interdisciplinary and trans-departmental collaborations as part of the Dossier Quality Agreements 2019-2024