"The Bread Oven is a continuation of the work done by Rietveld alumni, Johannes Reisgl, Florian Lutz and Jakob Krinz. In 2019 they built the oven as part of their graduation project. With their approval, we, a group of five from the graphic design department, decided to reactive the oven and become its caretakers in May 2021.

Thanks to the Student Council we have been able to reactivate the oven and organise monthly gatherings happening on the school campus. In 2022 our focus was on reactivating the Bread Oven and use it as a tool to bring people together. We have organised workshops as well as “open ovens”, where people are able to bring their own dough and learn how to bake it themselves in the oven. Our intention is to allow other students throughout the year to use the oven at their desire and for it to be an inclusive community."


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Video portrait by Olya Korsun 

Graphic design by Anna Bierler

Music by Moa Holgersson 


More at: extraintra.nl


This initiative is supported by the Editorial Board Intercurricular Programs of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, supporting interdisciplinary and trans-departmental collaborations as part of the Dossier Quality Agreements 2019-2024.