The carefully examined fights between crowd in Autumn Friday Sales days seen in YouTube, is recreated with choreographers in cinematographic setting at the shopping mall. While concentrating on body movement, repetitions and gestures of shopping crowd, Ginta creates choreography, while working with irony and poetic methods; with a goal to question human behaviours and their absurdity. With performers she creates one tableau after another, and create motioned group choreography inspired from those social images collected on YouTube. AT THE MALL consist of series of video works, made for video installation and TV. It is video work with no spoken word and it uses choreography as expression and poetic methods to ask questions how we behave as humans, what kind of rolls we play in society and what we do in specific location. 

Ginta Tinte works in the field of motion picture, multi-channel video installation, film, sculpture, costume design and curating. She stages theatrical sceneries filmed in cinematographic settings, which later are set up in multi-channel video installations. In her work she plays with behaviour patterns social norms and roll play. Her works have recently been shown at European Media Art Festival (EMAF) Osnabrück, Art Rotterdam, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Residency Unlimited and more. She has been nominated for Rene Coelho prize by Dutch Media Art Institute and received Mondrian Funds Young Talent grant. She is founder of art platform VIDEO DRAMA.

The episode will air on AT5 on 28 and 29 January 2023 at 22:40 hrs.