The language of instruction in our bilingual bachelor's programme is English, This means that the study and class materials and assessments are offered in English. If circumstances warrant this, our bilingual program may deviate from the language of instruction and switch to Dutch (as our academy is based in Amsterdam, a considerable part of our Rietveld communicaty consists of Dutch students and teachers), as long as this does not lead to the exclusion of foreign-speaking students. These circumstances include: the language background of the teacher and the students present; individual contacts and personal assignments such as study guidance, internships and written our students have to be fluent in English. To study in our bachelor's programme, being fluent in Dutch is not required (although this would certainly be helpful for everyday life in Amsterdam).

NOTE: Students who do not speak English cannot be admitted. Foreign students do not necessarily have to speak Dutch at the start of their studies. Of course, Dutch is useful if you live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, but you can often get by in English as well.