TRAILER for RIETVELDTV | The next episode of RietveldTV gives you the opportunity to revisit the Rietveld Academie Graduation Show 2022 (July 2022).

The full episode will air on AT5 on 24 and 25 September 2022 at 22:40 hrs. Afterwards it can be found on and

The Graduation Show featured works of almost 160 fine art and design graduates who presented the thought-provoking results of their work and vision. Their artworks and projects were documented by filmmakers (and Rietveld alums) Kleoniki Stanich and Mayis Rukel.

In the full episode you can see work made by the following graduates:

Alma Teer

Olivier Arts

Weimin Zhu

Azul Ehrenberg

Killian Butler

Amanda Bellman

Naomi Feigelson

Bram Romkes

Alyson Sillon

Anna Bekritskaya

Kevin Kim

Romina Koopman

Minjoo Choi

Neža Kokol

Lucía Vives

Aurelia Noudelmann

Miriam Chair