Ghost in the Machine - BA Thesis 2021-22

"In the realm of ghosts, the archetype of dead amongst living assumes specific and mystical forms, manifesting their own set of material laws and methods of haunting. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions, specters, and phantoms make up this “other” that exists within a realm within our own. These worlds are penetrable through a spiritual “openness” or through “technologies" of seeing. I am particularly interested in the technological tools we have created to see the spirit world. In my research I found that while many of these tools were invented for one purpose, they have been appropriated to serve mediums, ghost hunters, and the bereaved in their attempts to access entry to the afterlife. Mass production of the mirror, “magic-lantern” projector, camera, telephone, and electromagnetic detector has been spun into a web of mysticism and parapsychology."

A5 hardcover book with lenticular 3D flip cover.