Re:Birth consists of a collection of works on the topic of childhood and consists of works by current and former children. The reader of Re:Birth will discover everything from poems by children to poems by former children, essays by bachelor students to short stories by elementary students, children’s drawings made years ago and children’s drawings made this year. All the content in the following pages has been submitted to Re:Birth by parents, students, teachers, artists, writers, and former children who took the open call as an initiative to look through their old journals and sketchbooks. Also included are several excerpts from the established works of Kenneth Koch, Rose, where did you get that red?, and Rhoda Kellog, Analyzing Children’s Art. 

The concept of children as authors/artists began in the discovery of Birth magazine, a short-lived counterculture publication published between 1958 and 1960 by beatnik poets and artists Tuli Kupferberg and Sylvia Topp. Birth collected and printed works by children and motivated the start of Re:Birth sixty years later as it revives the 1958 publication’s concept of children as authors/artistsBy giving them a second life and thus rebirthing them, this publication acts as a platform for the otherwise bygone material of children’s drawings and writings.