Eight Cubic Meters by limo hair 

12 May - 19 June 2022

Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam


About the exhibition:

The exhibition In Clover opened on Thursday 12 May at 5pm in front of the gallery on Sint Nicolaasstraat in Amsterdam. Printed versions of their maps and writings were handed out.

In Clover is the first exhibition to emerge out of the Art Nouvhoes research project, and it takes as its major source of inspiration the architecture, ornamentation, and symbolism of central Amsterdam. The windows of the gallery are with collaged textiles and graphic elements created by artists Limo Hair and Michelle Parrott. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a self-guided walking tour of the area with musings by Max Bouttell. A map of curated locations will lead you around the Binnenstad neighbourhood and direct your attention to some easily overlooked instance of ornamentation.

Everything is also accessible by phone at artnouvhoes.com


Karly Gerharts graduated in 2021 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie's Fashion department. Karly Gerharts was selected for Rietveld Review(ed) 2021 and has been offered the opportunity to make an exhibition at Eight Cubic Meters (the academy’s public gallery in the city centre of Amsterdam) and thus bring the work to a new audience in a new context.