Reclaiming Y/Our Non? human Waterbodies


Struggling to make sense/s of viral togetherness. Struggling with Dutch art institutions for their cultivated androcentrism and deepseated appreciations for psychopathological toxic masculinity. What may the vegetal body teach us in such a forceful set of surroundings?


Reclaiming Y/Our Non? human Waterbodies is a lexicon of words and terms written for Studium Generale Rietveld Academie by CPR who salivates, sweats, vomits, writes and vegetates all about healing, intoxication, and pollution, in reverse order.


Air-Fresheners Unite! This is the Great Detoxification.


Design: Pernille Knudsgard, Dongseok Min, Nor Akelei

(under supervision of David Bennewith)







Lim Kwon 

Department: Graphic Design


Surfing in Blur


Surrounded by high-resolution technology, streaming endless information, I am not sure when a clear image or a clearly written text is sharp, and when it becomes blurry. Through a series of publications capturing the moment of blurriness in several different ways, Surfing in Blur stands as an expression of capacity, potentiality and tendency. The collection of images from different sources together form a space of possibility.








Sankrit Kulmanochawong 

Department: Graphic Design


A Grin for Every Occasion


A smile, a smirk, a laugh, a beam, a grin, a twitch, a glitch, a tickle of the face, a relaxed brow. Does the mouth ‘leak’ to broadcast unintended signals and feelings? Bared teeth, the emblem of beaming happiness, may also signify other face-to-face gestures, conveying subtle, simmering emotions other than joy. The vocabulary arising from the flashing of teeth is fluid, varying across cultures and society. Masked emotions in public recently gave way to uniformed face masking, and to discussions via the screen. What potential lies in these primal signals in an increasingly intangible world?







Walking Club


Fluid Walkscapes – Corporeal Imaginaries


Fluid Walkscapes – Corporeal Imaginaries is an invitation to a narrated sensorial walking experience and a world of imaginary realities, physical objects and bodily mappings. What does walking as an aesthetic practice mean? This project sets out to touch, question, unpack and immerse itself in the multiple experiences that walking offers. Shaped by our fluid sensorial encounters with other bodies and things, it examines our embodiment in the city, and that of the city within us. In current pandemic conditions, walking is often perceived as a response to our oversaturated virtual existence. Fluid Walkscapes seeks to decipher walking as a timeless and transformative practice.


Consisting of a soundwalk, a sculptural installation and a complementary publication, this project stems from Walking Club Rietveld’s What We Walk About When We Talk About Walking: a collective study on walking in the framework of Studium Generale Rietveld 2021.


The Walking Club consist of: Juliette Brederode, DOGtime – Unstable Media        

Jelly Hogendorp, DOGtime – Expanded Painting, Eva van der Zand - The Large Glass Department, Nikos Doulos - Tutor








Augustinas Milkus 

Department: Graphic Design


To a Friend of the Same Destiny


To a Friend of the Same Destiny is a personal archive focusing on the mass deportations that took place between 1941 and 1952 in the Soviet Union. During this period over 130,000 Lithuanians were banished to the most distant Soviet territories. Their endurance is evident in the creative ways they found to deal with the suffering of exile: their artefacts resonate with every person facing displacement. This publication explores national identity and the daily reality of exile. It aims to bring the events of the past closer to the present day, in an attempt to acknowledge the ingenuity that helped Lithuanians survive the repressive Soviet regime.









Vivian Mac Gillavry - 

Department: DOGtime Expanded Painting


The Pity Party


New sounds good: better than old, usually. But in this particular case, I disagree: my new body can do much less than my old one. 


We all deal with deep feelings, fears and loss. So, what feels private is by extension universal. Over the years I have jotted down thoughts and observations about my body. The Pity Party is a collection of vignettes on various reflections. How does the body recover after an illness? How does this relate to the mind? And how do I learn to live with my new body?








Lies Kelder 

Department: DOGtime Unstable Media


Things From the Dead Letter Office researches the objects human beings leave behind them. Together, the collection forms a story through which human lives are explored. Even when the human body is no longer there, it seems to be expressed in the objects it once used. When grouping things together, individual characteristics become less apparent. Instead of a group of individuals, a collective emerges.


Inspired by Consciousness Beyond Life by Pim van Lommel