GOLDEN JOINERY workshop by fashion collective Painted Series (fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and theatre director Margreet Sweerts)

Participants are requested to bring a dear but broken garment and mend it with gold. Instead of hiding the repair it becomes ornament; celebrating imperfection. Another layer is added to our garments, questioning the monopoly of fashion labels and our throw-away mentality. Value becomes a verb. Garments transform into unique pieces.

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Saskia van Drimmelen has been a fashion designer for two decades, graduating from the fashion Department of Arnhem Academy of Arts. For eight years she had her own brand and followed the fashion markets system with presenting two collections per year. Her collections were selling at leading boutiques such as Colette (Paris), Brown (London) and Van Ravenstein (Amsterdam). Her work was shown and bought by museums all over the world and Adidas asked her to design a sneaker. But along the way her interest and approach changed direction. Together with Margreet Sweerts, theater director, she begun to investigate ways to create more personal, unique, “slow” clothes and in 2007 they started Painted Series – a story in garment. A label with an embrace of handmade as opposed to mass production. They travelled to places where almost forgotten knowledge of craftwork still was practiced. To Bulgaria where women knew the tradition of making needlepoint and from the Assiniboine tribe in Northern America they learned about beadery.

- text by Sonia Witwitzka on Design Blog ----> Golden Joinery – a fashion label with focus on the genuine, personal meeting