ᠨᠣᠮᠢᠨ ᠴᠡᠴᠡᠭᠮᠠ
25 NOV 21 - 22 FEB 22
Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam

Catharsis presents a multidimensional body of work delving deeper into the symbol-making function of the psyche, growing into the conscious from the unconscious, through painting as well as visual story-telling. The paintings along with the sculptural elements, calligraphic symbols written on the windows, and profound photographic imagery create an enigmatic encounter of energies. Diasporic culture-making and the inevitable search for roots, tongues, and belonging articulate the narrative undercurrent of the works. Together, they emerge as carriers and creatures of Mongol Futurist semiotics and the chthonic realms of the Unconscious.

 Opening: Thursday 25 November from 17.00 – 18.00h

As part of the GRA Awards 2020 Nomin Zezegmaa has been given the opportunity to show new work to a new audience.

Exhibition documentation by Simon Pillaud / Edit by Nomin Zezegmaa