ARTSTHREAD announce winners for Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in collaboration with GUCCI


ARTSTHREAD & GUCCI are pleased to announce the judge’s and public vote winners of the 2021 Global Design Graduate Show. This is the second edition of the Global Design Graduate Show which saw 5,211 students enter their work, surpassing the number of entries from 2020, making this officially the biggest ever online showcase of graduating creatives worldwide.

The second year of the Global Design Graduate Show built upon the success of the inaugural year in 2020 with an increase in entries and votes from around the world. A panel of industry professionals voted per specialism to decide their winners; this year’s panel of esteemed judges includes Lionel Vermeil, Luxury Prospective Director from Kering.

There was also a public vote enabling fans of the students’ work to cast their vote for their winner.


Sofia Baytocheva Iordanova is the winner of the category Photography.


Three Sisters 'an Ode To Friendship'

Sofia Baytocheva Iordanova


Artsthread Profile

This work is a photographic series of intimate portraits.
The photographs create a fictional family album, where the photographer and two other young women dream about the idea of sisterhood, a fantasy world.
The project is an ode to friendship, an exploration of boundaries between friend and family.
This work feels like a natural continuation of the last two series made before this one, connecting through the idea of gaze and self representation through others.

'Blood is thicker than water' is a medieval proverb meaning that familial bonds will always be stronger than bonds of friendship or love. This phrase is commonly misused since the real quote, actually states the opposite:
''The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.''