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During 24 May - 30 May David Bennewith edited the front-space.

ISSUE 0 — RE-READ, RE-DESIGN, RE-PUBLISH. There is a close relation between the act of publishing and the development of social movements and countercultures. Periodicals, zines and posters, have been a prefered vehicle to articulate and spread dissent since the 19th century or even before. Lighter and mobile printing technologies like the Mimeograph allowed for individuals and communities to start their own periodicals. These examples of counter-publishing were often ephemeral, not lasting for long periods, and always dependent on the evolving nature of self-organised groups and communities. The 2nd Year Graphic Design accompanied by Werker have been revisiting editorial projects such as periodicals, community newspapers, pamphlets, series of posters etc. Inspired by their histories, authors, concepts, printing techniques, forms of dissemination, their intended audiences and their social implications, we have created our own 'ISSUE 0' publications.

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