Begun as a conversation and then a pilot-class in the Graphic Design Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, our collaboration wants to bring closer the domains of choreography and graphic design. ‘Movement’ explores connections between these two disciplines, and searches for a research methodology which utilises embodiment as a way of learning, and as a way of doing graphic design.

The body is at once a material object and the site of affect, perception and experience. Exploring the materiality of the body offers the potential to reconsider notions of object/subject and emphasise aspects of experiencing subjectivity as part of design practice. Further, the notion of materiality is extended to include temporality and spatiality as organising principles and processes.

This research responds to a growing interest in embodiment, haptics and social organisation observed among the students of art and design institutions as well as a growing interest in visual arts, image, and object-centered practices within choreography. During this research we will develop content and exercises in this liminal context, also to explore, discuss and position ourselves towards notions of inter-, or trans-disciplinary practice. 




‘Movement Class’ (b. 1912 are a franco-american aotearoa/new zealand antipodean-egyptian artist living in Amsterdam. They graduated from the rietveld academie, ELAM school of fine arts, werkplaats typography, the school for new dance development and das choreography. They are a co-founder of Jacuzzi space for dance and performance art, and currently work as a freelance artist, performer, designer and choreographer, as well as coordinating the department of graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. 


Image by Swani Vinton and 'Movement Class' 2021