JOIN Collective Clothes currently consists of more than 120 pieces from different makers with various professions and levels of experience. Together, the pieces form a series of garments that encapsulate an explorative and collaborative process of garment design and making:
a collective collection. 

In the exhibition at Eight Cubic Meters, the photographs of Scheltens & Abbenes present a selection of JOIN pieces in landscapes of abstract geometric shapes. The images show how the various makers - commissioned designers are combined with results from the JOIN workshops - use the JOIN patterns differently. Their personal choices coming to the surface in form, texture, technique and material, showing the endless possibilities within the modular JOIN system. Together the images present the main goal of the project; exploring the relation between various disciplines and professions, the individual maker and the collective, the commissioned designer and the workshop participant.

JOIN Collective Clothes identity by Beau Bertens. 
Graphic design by Zuzana Kostelanská. 
Project assistance by Ilse Bloemendal, Seok Park and Zoe Philine Pingel.