Seasonless Season

is the visual testimony and an attempt to render time spent at 

‘Het Vijfde Seizoen’, a Residency then situated on the terrain of the Psychiatric Institute in Den Dolder. Artists are invited to connect with patients and staff, and engage in a more or less intense collaboration. 


In the winter of 2017, a group of photography students from the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie 

collectively lived and worked together at the residency, interacting with its surroundings.


For both the patient as well as for the visitor, a psychiatric institute can be an intimidating and confrontational place. The individual experience of the students was ambiguous, ranging from confident interaction and unbiased curiosity to skepticism and careful reservation.


Yet each student has identified different aspects to research and develop into a work, 

with the intention to critically reflect on the stigma society has put on psychiatric patients. Concrete subjects like Isolation Rooms and Light Therapy, are alternating with more abstract ones, like fear and confusion, joy and optimism. The works offer a visual language that tries to illustrate subconscious chaos, treatment facilities and the fragility of the mind.


The resulting works have been exhibited in the gallery of ‘Het Vijfde Seizoen’ and FOAM, Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam


The project was mentored by Hanne Hagenaars & Vincent Zedelius

The publication was designed, and handmade by Inna Kochkina

Only 25 copies exist.


Resident Artists

Tobias Groot, Olaf Roukens, Enrico Garzaro, Anna Lenartowska, Qianyun Zhang,

Maxi Pfeil, Sophie Wurnig , Yusuf Zucchero, Veronika Vidø, Zara Glaser