The Graduation Show

17 September - 1 November 2020

FOAM, Fotomuseum Amsterdam


As Covid-19 made its way around the globe in March 2020, the graduation students of the Photography Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie were forced to redefine their intended projects to complete their studies. As the world turned inward, life outside was put on hold. In the silent confusion that ensued, each of the young artists was forced to find a new order from within. Whether it was conceptually or practically, all artistic ideas and processes were reshaped in the light of the global pandemic.

The forced introspection and subsequent adaption of the graduation concepts produced results perhaps far different from what otherwise would have been conceived, yet nonetheless profound in the context of our new shared reality. The originally individual installations have been reshaped into a group exhibition at Foam. 

Tasio Bidegain (France, 1996), Paris syndrome, 2020
Marta Capilla Urbano (Spain, 1988), Making of a floor, 2020
Tomás Feijó(Portugal/ United States, 1995, Wire, 2020
Sofie Flinth Bredholt (Denmark, 1996), When the Sun Sets, 2020
Alma Kim (South Korea, 1989 ), My Anger & Peace, 2020
Dora Lionstone (Germany, 1986), Cosmic stream, 2020
Luca Penning (Netherlands, 1995), Illuminate where we’ve made a view, 2020
Aurélie Sorriaux(France, 1994), In search of my curls, 2020
Shreya de Souza (India/Portugal, 1995), HOMO is where the heart is, 2020
AlizéWachto (France, 1996), It has always been there, 2020