Marlies Neugebauer


The Netherlands, 1974

Instagram: @marliesneugebauer

Thesis: The Essence is Pain

I aspire to captivate viewers with ceramic sculptures that explore contrasting concepts, such as order and disorder, perfection and imperfection, reality and fantasy, and life and death. By delving into these polarities, I examine how they can coexist in a newfound balance, despite their inherent tensions. My artistic approach involves creating vivid compositions and working in a collage-like manner, allowing me to impose order on chaos while remaining responsive to the coincidences that may arise during the creative process.

In my piece titled The Course of Things is Blind, I endeavour to commemorate two profound chapters of my life by incorporating photography from the medical file of my son combined with fragments of a carefree life. We - together with the doctors - fought for his life, his eye and his sight. So far we succeeded. 

Unfortunately, this chapter was quickly followed by a new - black one. This second experience has given me a different perspective on life. Once, my comfort zone was  a sanctuary where I navigated effortlessly, shielded from pain and tension. Through the window of this haven, I caught  glimpses of life’s vibrant tapestry unfolding beyond its boundaries. With an insatiable curiosity, my gaze became captivated. In moments of exhilaration, I eagerly flung the curtains wide open, refusing to miss a single spectacle. Yet, at times overwhelmed by the sheer intensity, I instinctively shielded my eyes with slightly spread fingers.

However, in a moment of vulnerability, I inadvertently left the window open, allowing anguish and strain to infiltrate my sanctuary. Now, I struggle to discern whether I peer outward from within or gaze inward from without. The same frame that once delineated my perception of the world now distorts in tandem with the images it encompasses.