Robe embroidered with chakras, cotton fabric dyed with avocado skin, cotton thread, sewing, dyeing, embroidery, 128 cm x 53 cm


The idea of a puncture, as deflating, imploding, as something that undermines the structure by a collapse, is faulty. The puncture supports, it first releases a flow, by creating a gap, that then gets filled by thread, creating a filling, an upholding of the hollowed space. It is creating a real time tracing, not a map, but actions, situated. Situated on my body, following the meridians, my energy rivers. Sometimes the thread gathers, creating a bundle, a pressure point, a potential blockage, a point of attention of possible care. By tactical puncturing and pressuring, feeling its location, feeling it push into your body, you can make the river flow again.

The text is a manifesto of sorts that meditates on the act of embroidering. It conceptualises the thread’s journey through the woven fabric, and uncovers its spatiality through movement. 


‘I puncture’, text printed on satin fabric, 285 cm x 36 cm