Souheila Chalabi
Embroidered prayer carpet
76 X 122 cm

4AM, a voice is waking me up
Where am I? 
Up, up 
I hear some noise in the house
Time for the fajr 
11AM, let’s go to the loud market in town 
Sheep heads on the side looking at us with there dead eyes 
1PM, a big plate to share, some piments on the side and a bottle of Selecto imitation coca 
4PM, let’s bring the gifts bought in Tati for the family. Medhi do you want to play 1000 Bornes? 
7:30 pm Chrb la taí? (do you want some tea?) 

4AM, there is a sound you hear all the time in Muslim countries: the call for the prayer. And as a kid living in France I was not used to be woken up by the Adhan, as we call it. In France, I was mostly woken up by the sound of the garbage truck.