What is The Large Glass department?

The Large Glass Department is a material based department with a foundation in the fine arts. It is a fine arts department with an extra dimension.

What if I don’t know anything about glass? Can I study in the Large Glass dept.? Can I also work with other materials when I am a student in the Large Glass dept?

Yes, you can study in the Glas Dept. without having any experience in working with glass. The only thing you need is an interest in the material.

Which techniques can I learn?

You will learn the basics of glassblowing, lost wax casting, lamp-working, enameling and stained glass and a few other coldworking techniques. After the basic introductions you are free to work by yourself. Further 

What kind of classes do you teach?

Most of the practical classes are 1-on-1 consultations or group talks in which we teach/explore several artist practices like drawing, sculpting, spacial thinking, performance, composition, material research, painting, film-making and editing. In reading and writing classes, students learn to read and understand texts on contemporary art and current developments in the wider cultural landscape. By writing and discussing essays, students learn to critically engage with their own work and that of others.
Finally, regular workshops on artistic research teach students to find and discuss various ways of artistic research and to define a position for themselves eventually.
Every month we have lectures from visiting artists or curators or workshops for conceptual or technical exercises. 

Do you give assignments?

Assignments are given in the theory classes and short term workshops. Occasionally, individual assignments are given to support students processes.

Do you have 24/7 access?

At the moment, due to corona regulations, we do not have 24/7 access. But we are hoping to allow students to work late again soon.

I want to learn glassblowing/more about glass/work more with glass but not be a student of the department. Can I follow technical classes anyhow and make use of the workshop?

This is a clear NO. We simply do not have the capacity to allow students from other departments following our technical classes. If you want to work with glass regularly, it is wise considering to become a student at the Large Glass.

What is required?

We require a good knowledge of contemporary art, gained through regular visits of museums and galleries and international events/exhibitions in general. We like to see our students to show interest in glass as an integrated medium in fine arts and as part of their daily artistic practice.
We expect a great deal of responsibility and motivation. As we share studios and a precious workshop, the Large Glass dept depends on autonomous and responsible students.

What does the name Large Glass mean?

In the past, people were wondering what the glass department does. Is it a design department or a fine art department? Or is it just a workshop for every student, like the wood- or metal workshops.
The name refers to The Large Glass, or rather “The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even’ from Marcel Duchamp. I was the first conceptual artwork which had glass as a major element in the construction and it inspired many artists to also work with glass. 
By using that name, we want to make clear that we see the department working and evolving in the tradition of fine arts, rather than the tradition of craft or the so called ’Studio Glass’.