Lian Bi


Ceramic, crocheting knitting yarns to connect the ceramic pieces 150 cm x 10 cm 


What is it? 

Is it an arm or a hand? 

It’s not an arm or a hand. 

Is it a spine or an ox tail? 

It’s not a spine or an ox tail 

It’s a spine shaped centipede with no limbs. 

Is it an object or a sculpture? 

It’s an object and a sculpture. 

Is it wounded? 

It’s wounded, physically and metaphorically. 

What does it sound like? 

It sounds like another ceramic object, no really special sound. 

Would it break if I step on it? 

It will break, and it already did. I broke it on purpose. 

What is written on it? 


A short diary of 14 days quarantine. 

15:48 o’clock local time, 

28 degree outside. 

The air-conditioner has been on for more than 10 hours, 

It makes this hissing noise, and sounds like air escaping from the 

balloon. I was told: 

“Be careful with catching a cold”, 

so I turn it off. 

My body temperature goes up, I feel nervous, 

so I turn the air conditioner on. Their voice came to my head. So I turn it 

off again. 

Again and again. Over and over, 

I feel tired.