Secret not so secret

Silver molded rings, glazed ceramic, deformed metal, epoxy, tufted yarn, stones, oyster shells; metal structures 35 cm x 35 cm, tufted oyster 1,25 m x 80 cm 

                            Can i touch it? Hearing is touching.


Every touch draws you closer into this landscape, creating a state of interaction

which raises curiosity and a bit of fantasy, a possible scenario to be filled in by you.


Warmth of the fluffy oyster on the floor provokes a sensation. Cold metal surfaces build

distance whilst keeping their balance on a small platform.


Where is comforting technology?

Sometimes my eyes melt in blue light

It echoes in visual, but dissolves after seconds.




I materialized an artificial space to wrap the secret not so secrets in.

Soundscapes from underneath form a new layer. Very near, almost touching you to show

the sound.