Is it only possible to work with ceramics the ceramics department?

No, you are totally free to use other materials and media, we even support you using other materials. We work with ceramics as a starting point, not only to learn about the material but also to broaden and develop your spatial thinking. In that way we help you discover your interests and fascinations as an artist.

Next to that we always try to focus on ‘the process of making’ instead of the end result. A way to learn our students that ideas can change, develop or originate while making. It is a dynamic process. 


What is the difference between Fine Arts and Ceramics?

The Ceramics department focuses a lot on the technical and practical aspects of ceramic and other materials. It’s more ‘hands on’, working with your hands. We always say; if it’s your ambition to make sculptures and installations you are at the right place at the ceramics department. We will learn you (other than Fine Arts) every technical and practical skills concerning molding, shaping, etc. Ceramics has their own workshop that is specially equipped to discover those things. We create an environment where the process of making is very important and a lot of crafts and modern techniques are discussed. Next to that we have the same ambitions like Fine Arts to educate students to be critical visual artists.