Hi, this is the Graphic Design Team for the Open Day 2021 campaign.

In our campaign we are working with a visual representation of unity: the names as a pattern of the school.

Built by Gerrit Rietveld, the academy was named after him. This name has since then, become our identity, as a Rietveld-student, Rietveld-alumni, the Rietveld-bubble, the Rietveld-style… are all called after this one person.

We wanted to focus on the people who constitute the school: the students, and to think about how our own personality and identity in a name resonates in our academy. With such an international width in our community our names are also very different. A Rietveld name is not one determined identity. All our names (special, quirky, short, long…) are components in our intertwined network.

César Rogers (@kareslachevresitupeux)
Linnea Rutz (linnearutz@gmail.com)
Mehmet Süzgün (@mehmetsuzgun____)
Itziar Domingo (@medaigual)

Be part of this online intertwined network 29 January and visit our Open Day!