Welcome in the portal with useful links for Rietveld Academie alumni regarding Business support. 


Business support:

·     General
·     Unions
·     Funds 
·     Assignments/prizes/collections
·     Residence


KVK chamber of commerce

Belastingdienst tax authorities

Pictoright copyright organisation

Beroepkunstenaar about the art & design profession

Cultuur-ondernemen support of art & design profession

platform makers copyright explained

Tentoo Payroll and administration services 

Beroepspraktijk For starting entrepreneurs or freelancers


FNV Company going over the employment conditions in contracts in culture and media sector

BNO BNO is a union for designers that provides legal/business adivice

BOKNET Foundation that defends/represents the rights and needs of artists 

Platform BK Researches the role of art in our society and fights for a stronger position and appreciation of the art world.

Kunstenbond Fights for a fair income for everyone in the creative industry, with people from all diffirent sectors.


Fonds ZOZ Offering funding and ZOZ Academy for artists (projects aimed at reducing extremism, polarization and radicalisation)

VSBfonds Offering scholerships

Mondriaan fonds For artists: Incentive fund offering collaborations and open calls

Stimulering fonds For designers: Incentive fund offering collaborations and open calls

AFK Fund offering project subsidies

Fonds 21 Fund offering project subsidies

Fonds kwadraat Interest free loans for visual artists, photographers and designers

Voordekunst Artist cordfunding campaigns for projects

Cultuurfonds For master education and projects

Ace&Tate Creative fund for projects

Erasmusstichting Funding for projects in and around Rotterdam

Culturele Verdragen Financing and scholarships  

Fulbright Scholarships for doing research in the US

IIE: Institute for International Education Support of programs with a universal commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, multiculturalism and international understanding and cooperation.  

DAAD One-year scholarships for university of applied science (HBO) graduates for study or research in Germany 

BPD Cultuurfonds Support for art and culture projects in public spaces

Cultuurfonds Leiden Funding for culture and projects in Leiden 

degijselaarhintzenfonds Open funds for art projects 

European cultural foundation Culture funds for European solidarity 

Fentener van Vlissingen fonds Funds for cultural projects in Utrecht

KF hein fonds Funds for cultural projects in Utrecht 

Het Pauwhof Fonds Funding for multidisciplinary projects that bring together science and art

Van den Ende Foundation Funding for music, theatre, dance and film 

W.E. Jansenfonds Funding for projects mixing the Russian and Dutch culture



BK informatie Information about art assignments and upcoming events

Dutch Heights Platform for prizes in art and culture

VBCN Overview of art collections

Kunst en bedrijf Consultancy bureau linking artists and coorporations/governments/schools etc.

Taak About upcoming exhibitions and projects 

Sikkens Independent art prize (first one ever was given to Gerrit Rietveld)


IND Immigration and Naturalisation service, information on website

everaert Immigration lawyers and information



If you have questions about this alumni portal or ideas for useful links we could add, please don’t hesitate to contact alumni[at]rietveldacademie.nl.