Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 2020

26 – 30 August, 2020


Rietveld Academie Fashion Show is the annual presentation of the fashion department of the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academie. This year, the department presents the latest class of newly graduated designers in a continuous multidisciplinary presentation in the gymnasium of the old academy building. In a setting that can be compared to an abstracted film set, a five-day performance takes place – a continuously repeating series of events that connect visitors and designers.


Fashion Show 2020’s focus is graduation work by Irene Ha, Miladt (Milad Taheri), Idan Grady, Darwin Winklaar, Laura Fernández Antolín, Louise Gjessø and Javier Velasquez. Their varied and often ground-breaking visions question the status quo of the fashion discipline and with it the accompanying catwalk show. As fashion department head Niels Klavers says: “Students want to engage with the crisis and look at the changes that this period is bringing about. Through this show, they reveal how they see the world after Covid-19.”

The department worked with curator Jules van den Langenberg on the direction and scenography of the show. Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 2020 presents the designers in a scripted space – a multidisciplinary intervention in which the work of the graduates, performance and video are interwoven into an exhibition that is also a performance. Visitors witness the repetition of dialogue, movements and interactions performed by actors. The scripts, based on the graduation theses and works, introduce the audience to the work and world of a new generation of designers and artists in a surprising and intimate way.

Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 2020 is part of the Rietveld Graduation Show and made possible by Keep an Eye Foundation and Meester Koetsier'. 


Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 2020
August 26 – 30
Open 10am  – 9pm
Location: Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Fred. Roeskestraat 96, 1076 ED Amsterdam


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Admission is free.