unSpoken Archives is a project by 1st year students of the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam initiated and accompanied by the Werker Collective. To share our knowledge and stories the students have created a series of amateur archives based on their own desires, fears, passions, disappointments, obsessions, family memories and localities. In unSpoken Archives Part 1, the themes of nature, community, self learning, the subconscious, stereotypes and migration are addressed.


PARTICIPANTS: Eloïse Alliguié - Rafaela Aristodimou - Ysé Auguste-Dormeuil - William Becker - Philippine Bordeaux-Montrieux - Vinícius Cardoso Witte - Hyoyeong Chu - Kimberly Duck - Fanni Falucskai - Lola Frydman - Marie Gertsen - Kiki Gordon - Sigrídur Hafdis Hannesdóttir - Victoria Hoogstoël - Quirine Kennedy - Max Kessel - Jung Yeon Kim - Hagar van der Knijff - Lukasz Matuszewski - Natalia Ruhe - Luca Putz - Ran Reimann - Bram Romkes - Alyson Sillon - Martina Vanini 


EDITING: Sigrídur Hafdis Hannesdóttir, Victoria Hoogstoël, Natalia Ruhe 

IDENTITY DESIGN: William Becker, Jung Yeon Kim, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz

WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMING: Eloïse Alliguié, Max Kessel 

TYPEFACES: unSpoken Archives by Luca Putz, ParaRubber by Léonard Mabille