The Art of Critique
Flatness: Attempting to Decentre Power

Shama Kanna


Invited as part of 'Image Power. Institutional Critique Today' programme organized by Studium Generale Rietveld Academie with Frans Hals Museum, Shama Khanna will talk about the different forms of criticality enacted by her long-running curatorial platform, Flatness. The attempt of this multi-format project and website is to reconstitute the terms and conditions under which artworks are produced and framed: aiming to reduce feelings of exhaustion, overexposure and compulsion. Drawing on pre-Web 2.0 online histories combined with a reflexive interest in the desires of artists working semi-digitally, Flatness presents a more porous context for artworks to be shared as part of a genuinely networked culture. "All hands on deck to dismantle white supremacy and stay violent."