TXT student

1. What are you currently working on?

“I just passed my assessment; it has been a turbulent second semester so I’m trying to get some rest! I live by ‘self care is the best care’ at the moment. It’s time to be a bit of a slacker, that means allowing myself to get a bit thoughtless... 
Being thoughtless (or even being bored haha) is really something that is important to me, this 'activity' creates space in my mind, I become curious again and new discoveries emerge..! 
Weaving is a really helpful activity to support this, I'm directed by the threads of the weft and the warp, the weft goes over and under the warp and again and again and again... An act repeatedly practiced until my mind decides that my thoughts should come in again.”

2. What has changed for you now that the Rietveld buildings are closed for classes and meetings?

“For sure the fact that I’m all of a sudden not surrounded by the people of the Rietveld anymore. We are, to a certain extend, connected through our energy with which we are trying to figure out how we can do what we want to do, and this is quite comforting to me. I really appreciate it to be in a place where various efforts lead to an energy that motivates me, it's a privilege.”

3. And what is staying the same?

“The future, or at least my thoughts on the future, the sense of my speed of time even when I'm at home. The act of motions that never stop, which can feel quite absurd...”

4. Do you have a tip to make these isolating times a little bit more joyful?

“Don’t shut yourself off, keep on communicating with yourself and others, is a good way to do that! SELF CARE IS definitely THE BEST CARE and be kind to yourself, you are doing enough and you are not alone.”

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