Simon Marsiglia

designLAB, Graduation Year

1. What are you currently working on?

“During quarantine season I’ve been making a lot of very crafty things while trying to figure out my post-graduate life. Other than that there is an ongoing exhibition with Lab 3, called Shapeshifters Exhibition 14—31 May, that you can follow through

2. What has changed for you now that the Rietveld buildings are closed for classes and meetings?

“I feel like there is less pressure because of the circumstances. Things will come out looking a little bit crappy because I can’t access a workshop but that’s perfectly fine. 
I don’t get to see my cute classmates everyday so I have to get feedback somewhere else. I’m trying to solve that by talking to internet friends and people that I don’t normally see on a daily basis. Since there are no events or exhibitions at the moment I have more time on my hands which makes me feel more productive than ever.”

3. And what is staying the same?

“You can still reach everyone, and I see maybe even more people than usual working together on things. I find this situation a great opportunity to figure out alternative ways of collaborating."

4. Do you have a tip for our students, staff or alumni to make these isolating times a little bit more joyful?

“I’d suggest online-shopping because it’s a personal favourite. But don’t go for major stores and new stuff, rather go look for smaller creators on instagram or obscure second hand items from private sellers and support those.”

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