Jaakko Myyri

VAV alumnus

1.What are you currently working on?

This is a demo version of a button-click generator (unfortunately it doesn't run on mobile devices yet). I’m working with SuminLee on a digital fortune-teller device. The mainpurpose of fortune telling apps such as Co-Star is to offer advice (like a friend would) but it’s all contextualised with the fact that it’s personalized software in your mobile.
Suchs apps aim to make you feel confident and self-asserted when you don't have it in you, but the app does it well. Basically they allow you to visualize your own ideal set of characteristics. The advice they give is like horoscopes, very vernacular and funny!”

2. What has changed for you now that most of us are working from home?

“I've thought of the value of safety. I don't go to Rietveld. But generally in order to function maybe you should ask yourself, how do I do this? Have I tuned in on all the right digital channels? Algorithmic channels? Spiritual channels? Transitionally it’s important to assign a way that you may feel yet again connected with while this period passes, bring your mind to safety when there's too much fragility. I miss humans a lot. Or that I could stop paying rent."

3. And what is staying the same?

“Writing sourcecode, checking Co-Star, mostly those.”

4. Do you have a tip for our students, staff or alumni to make these isolating times a little bit more joyful?

“Learn about self-affirmation, about what makes you feel valued enough to go out eventually. Now you can play around a bit and compare apps that do it for you, I guess you might as well treat it as something interesting.”

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