VAV-student and Fish Whisperer

1. What are you currently working on?

"Today I wrote a letter to my mum where I rated all the joggers going past: the good the bad and the sweaty. I put the letter in an envelope made from a matza box - it was Passover last week and we can’t eat any bread or hametz because when the Jews escaped from slavery in ancient Egypt, they didn’t have time to let their bread rise while they were quickly exodusing. So, we’re left with big crumby crackers in nice packaging. I didn’t post it yet, but I get angsty and thrilled letting go of a letter into a post box. It’s quite literally out of your hands. What if this communication of love and labour got lost on the voyage to south London? It would be a chunk of experience gone. Where’s your evidence now hey? 
Story transfer through different channels is hitting the big time these days, it’s like that whisper game but on steroids. Deliciously contaminated in transit. Now Tenuous link: I’m making a film about a fish prince trapped in a Lidl herring package. My mum told me about the story; she read it in a book that she stole from her school library; later her sister, Jessica, wrote ‘property of Jessica’ big on the inside cover and my mum hasn’t forgiven her yet. Presumably Wanda Gag who wrote the book, heard it from the Fish itself."

2. What has changed for you now that the Rietveld buildings are closed for classes and meetings?

"Gossip supplies running low. Halfway down the stairs greetings running low. Do the wood workshop machines feel unfulfilled when they’ve got nothing to saw?"

3. And what is staying the same?

"Mice still walking round like they run the place, just a different place."

4. Do you have a tip to make these isolating times a little but more joyful?

"Watch The Sound of Music and pretend to be Julie Andrews while you watch but don’t get her haircut."

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