Joos Wiersinga

Letterpress and Offset Workshopkeeper

1. What are you currently working on?

“As I am not in school, I have more time to work on an assignment of illustrating 10 books. I really like it and it's better now I can concentrate better. I use schablone printing to make these illustrations. And I made this schablone printing movie.” 

2. What has changed for you now that the Rietveld buildings are closed for classes and meetings?

“It changed a lot: not two days of going to the Rietveld, no teaching at Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam, all the nights at home.” 

3. And what is staying the same?

“Me, doing all kind of things at home, making things paid or unpaid, playing clarinet, cooking, knitting, watching tv or youtube.” 

4. Do you have a tip for our students, staff or alumni to make these isolating times a little but more joyful?

“I was doing try-outs on what makes it a little more joyful: a long phone call works really good. And what I did: I thought of making a instruction movie. Then I thought about what this had to be. Printing at home without presses and typefaces came up -I love the idea- and then I started telling my friends about it. I bought a camera standard, but still there was no film at all. The situation was: me blabla, me spending money, and yet only a dream of a nice film. Then I start making the film, troubles came up, like not having enough memory on my phone, throwing away a lot, maybe wrong things, not getting the parts of the film from my phone in my computer, ok, restarting filming with a camera, then using iMovie which I had never used before, then saving it in a way, getting it on Facebook. I like the little movie: what a sensation for me to share. It gives me a connection.” The instruction video can be found on Facebook.

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