→You might not see it but I’m still there


Exhibition: Friday Feb 7th | 5-6 PM 

International Institute of Social History (IISG) 

Cruquiusweg 31 | 1019 AT Amsterdam


Showing the results of projects which started by choosing an archive box based on interest, lack of knowledge and a little chance.


In many ways colonialism, and nowadays the mainly western Anglocentric view of the world, has taken away the chances of certain stories ever being told. Some of these stories — of oppression, resistance, religion, culture, the environment, and maybe even love — are housed in the IISG.



How can these stories be told? Should they be told? Hidden in their forgotten boxes, we tried to give these stories back their chance that was taken away from them.



Poster design by Karl-Emil Bengston, Juliette Lepineau, Dongsoek Min and Sankrit Kulmanochawong