We climb up a hill to reach a temple. I can hear my own breathing, I can hear his breathing. I think about het Marnixbad in Amsterdam where I used to swim and tell myself that when I will be back I should swim longer, faster, become stronger. From the top off the temple we have a great overview over the city ‘You see this lake? It’s the lake of the snakes’ he says. He pinpoints buildings out for me. I can see how the countryside is turning into the city, how the city sucked up all the green. In the next village the dogs attack her, withe teeth’s glistering in the sun. Her head is down, he is shouting to the dogs. He throws a stone next to them, they take some distance which gives her the possibility to run to me, to hide behind my body. It’s the first time I put my hand on her head.

When I was about 4 years old I was afraid of getting shampoo in my eyes while my mom was washing my hair. Because of this fear I instinctly put my head down, which made that the shampoo was easily running to my face. I whisper to her she should look up next time, ‘watch the movement off your enemies’


By Hagar Schuringa