Exquisite Death

(video, wood, aluminum, stain steel, plaster, teeth, 244cm x 137cm, 2022)


Tranquil Mandala

(sculpture, mirror, aluminum hook, epoxy, 110cm x 110cm, 2022)


Disgustingly honest fact

(sculpture, taxidermy bird, glass, metal, 2022)


My exploration of art begins after I lose a loved one from death.


After confronting the real concept of death, what do you perceive in the world? 






Juhee's work responds to the contemporary world constructed out of contradictions and dichotomies. Here, transcendence and violence exist side by side, and fear of non-existence is transposed into trigger and spirituality. The encounter between material and immaterial worlds creates architecture and a doorway where movement is possible from one world into another dimension. Juhee’s work depicts a subject on a journey, one that promises transformation. 


Juhee's art practice is a spiritual journey that is a therapeutic element through confronting the raw physical body and investigating the inner world of the body and the hidden core of the mind. She takes the video as an extension of the body and consciousness. An alternative world which can be after-life or present-life amplifies the senses in terms of implying the possibility that the default reality of time and space can exist uniquely due to newly expanded perceptions.