Orlaith Mayet


Irish/French, 1997

Thesis: Human_Fallback

“On Its Way” is about 8m2 caravan where I was living during “No Matter”, closing the cycle of adaptation to a new environment. Scavenging, reprocessing materials, and transforming them into a 50m2 three-dimensional ephemeral dwelling in harmony with nature called “No Matter”. Just as a bird in its nest, or a snail in its shell, a large sculpture, you just happen to be living in.

You will have to opportunity to visit and experience 2 different and temporary large sculptures, starting with “On Its Way” placed outside the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Garden. ONLY Saturday from 14.00hrs the doors of “No Matter” are open to the public placed at the Green Tribe, Overschiestraat 172-A, 1062 XK Amsterdam. scan the QR code by using Whatsapp> setting> QR on the right next to the profile picture> Scan code to access Live stream link + localization 


As many of us keep asking how we can live differently, we look into solutions that surround the individual and are often disconnected, fragmented and non-contextualised. Placing therefore the very body into the artist’s living space, right outside of the educational institution and maybe even further away, activates spaces of “moving faith rather than passive hope” approximately in the words of Ece Temelkuran.  

Within this intention, Orlaith Mayet creates an audiovisual performative installation within a domestic environment, based on Mayet’s research into the theory of Creative Destruction (Joseph Schumpeter) marking attempts to critique wealth accumulation by big corporations. Conversing around the ethics of innovation, efficiency, labour and ways of destroying constructively instead of creating by destroying, the question arises anew: how could humans do things differently? 



Text by Angeliki Tzortzakaki.

Projects by: Orlaith Mayet