Join us 8 November from 7-10pm at Rietveld Pavilion for a very special launch event, Slow Reveal: The Lottery. 

Through the generous support of 18 donating artists, (listed below), the Challenging Jewellery MA of Sandberg Institute are hosting a lottery style event to sponsor their upcoming residency at San W Gallery in China.

Over 10 days, jewellery and art pieces will be awarded to lucky ticket holders beginning 8 November during Obsessed! Jewellery Festival, and finalizing at a sister event 18 November in Shanghai.

Please buy a ticket to participate in the lottery:

Individual lottery tickets are available for 5€, with special rates for multiple tickets. Keep an eye out for special news and updates on the event on our facebook and instagram.

And please join the party at Rietveld Pavilion 8 November, 7-10pm with drinks and entertainment from God DJ.

Participating Artists Include:  Gijs Bakker, Ruudt Peters, Benjamin Lignel, Ted Noten, BLESS, Ting Gong, Current Obsession, Eva Van Kempen, Margaret Munchheimer, Morgane de Klerk, Marek Mrowiński, Veronika Fabian, Marilyn Volkman, Joanne Vosloo, Seline Durrer, Silva Faggiani, Gabriella Goldsmith