Joana Velu


Certeza Absoluta (Absolutely Sure)

"Sometimes I do not know if I am telling the truth,” says Joana’s grandmother. “I cannot guarantee everything I am saying is true. I do not know myself.” In her film, Certeza Absoluta (Absolutely Sure), Joana lives alongside her grandmother, discussing and documenting her tendency to confabulate and lie. Through intimate dialogues the pair directly engage with this habit, questioning the idea of truth and the stability of its form. They discuss faith and they discuss love. They ruminate on a stain on the ceiling and they consider the very intentions of making this film. Ideas shift, align and contradict but most importantly they flow. All the while, from beneath the surface of their words, a tender portrait of their relationship bubbles up, presenting itself in the world as something we can chose to believe in.

- Text by Jaboc Dwyer

Projects by: Joana Velu